EMS Flight Crew


EMS Flight Crew is an international community of air medical professionals committed to improving safety through the constructive exchange of information, experiences and ideas, along with being a leading provider of air medical industry news and jobs.


NVG Safety

NVG SAFETY.COM is a comprehensive, resource site created to help organizations that want to implement or enhance a new or existing night vision system program (NVIS).

The site was created, and is maintained, by Night Flight Concepts working in partnership with government authorities, industry associations and corporations to assist organizations worldwide streamline the program planning and encourage safe, effective NVG use.


Laserstrike Protection

LASERSTRIKE PROTECTION.COM is an educational resource site created to help to assist aviation organizations worldwide understand and mitigate the risk of laser eye strikes.

The website has launched with core information required to help educate organizations – private and public – on this growing aviation safety issue. Information will continue to be gathered from government, industry and non-profit sources to build on this foundation of knowledge to enhance the website over time.