L.E.A.S.E. Brands

Law Enforcement Air Support Entity

Turn-key, elite aviation solutions for law enforcement.

LEASE™ is an innovative approach to airborne law enforcement designed for agencies that understand the value of airborne units,
and are looking to eliminate capital investments and control operational costs of those units.

  • More affordable, without capital outlay
  • Add new air support operations
  • Upgrade older & non-certified aircraft
  • Total solution includes air craft, crew, maintenance & training


S.O.A.R. Brands

Special Operations Aviation Resources

SOAR™ provides a single access point to comprehensive airborne resources for any mission.

These types of operations require highly skilled individuals working/operating in austere conditions and typically in challenging flight environments and under high scrutiny.

  • Night Vision Solution
  • Mission Specific Operations
  • Specialized Airborne Operations


Laser Armor Brands

Laser Armor

Because the threat of laser strikes is real.

The increased availability and power of lasers accessible to the general public today has resulted in a growing number of incidences of laser strikes into cockpits in recent years.

As the number of incidents continues to trend upwards in the USA and around the globe, both fixed wing and rotary wing aviators are becoming increasingly concerned about this critical threat to pilots and public safety in the night sky.