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Because the threat of laser strikes is real

The increased availability and power of lasers accessible to the general public today has resulted in a growing number of incidences of laser strikes into cockpits in recent years.

As the number of incidents continues to trend upwards in the USA and around the globe, both fixed wing and rotary wing aviators are becoming increasingly concerned about this critical threat to pilots and public safety in the night sky.

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Laser Strike

Laser Armor™ – The Gold Standard in Laser Defense

Laser Armor™ Aviator Glasses optimize protection from intentional or incidental laser strikes without compromising the user job performance during night operations. Laser Armor eyewear absorbs laser strike beams, without compromising visual acuity or cockpit display panel color recognition.

Night Flight Concepts Laser Armor LIF (Light Interference Filters) are designed for use with leading Night Vision Goggle (NVG) systems to protect image intensifier tubes from laser spot damage that can result from intentional or incidental exposure to laser strike beams.

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Laser Defense Training

Proper training makes all the difference!

Laser Armor Aviation Laser Defense Training is a timely and cutting-edge training program that provides up-to-date information and mitigation techniques on how to respond to the growing problem of laser illumination of cockpits.

The training is designed to increase awareness and educate aviation organizations on this growing problem in the skies for fixed and rotary wing aviators in an effort to lower the risk of damage to personnel and equipment.

Laser Defense

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