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Laser Armor™

Optical Systems for Aviation Laser Defense in Night Operations

The Solution: Laser Armor™
Night Flight Concepts has developed Laser Armor™ – Optical Systems for Aviation Laser Defense. Laser Armor products and services are designed to assist civil, government and industry aviation organizations worldwide increase laser strike readiness and prevent possible damage to personnel and equipment to improve safety and performance in night operations.

Laser Strikes: A Growing Threat in the Night Sky
The increased availability and power of lasers accessible to the general public today has resulted in a growing number of incidences of laser strikes into cockpits in recent years. As the number of incidents continues to trend upwards in the USA and around the globe, both fixed wing and rotary wing aviators are becoming increasingly concerned about this critical threat to pilots and public safety in the night sky.

Reduce the Risk 
The damage caused by laser illumination of cockpits is real. Potential danger to pilots and crewmembers for a laser illumination of cockpits is greatest at night. For airborne law enforcement, the risk is consistent throughout night operations, for other SAR or airline operators, the studies indicate that risks for laser strikes is greatest at the time of landing and take-off. Implementing procedures and laser protective optical equipment during critical periods of operation can effectively eliminate the undue risk to human life and equipment damage in the event of a laser strike.

Train. Protect. Perform.

  • Complete Laser Solutions. Market-leading equipment featuring bundled training, Laser Armor products are complete solutions for laser defense during night operations designed to enhance user safety and equipment performance outcomes.
  • Designed to Meet Aviator Needs. Laser Armor defense solutions are designed to deliver laser protection systems that meets fixed and rotary-wing operator requirements.
  • Proven & Reliable. Proven equipment & outstanding quality Laser Armor training.

Explore Laser Armor: Complete Solution Platform For Aviator Laser Defense


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