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Law Enforcement

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NFC’s solutions consist of various components required to deploy and sustain efficient night vision operations, including program consultation, equipment provisioning, training (in the air, in the classroom and online), and maintenance, inspection & repair.

All of the company’s solutions are in strict compliance with government regulations and industry standards, and NFC is a FAA-Certified Repair Station and a Certified Part 141 FAA Training facility.


Military personnel have a unique challenge of protecting our citizens from both within our boarders and globally, often in unfamiliar and hostile conditions. Those in the Military field must also contend with varying climate conditions and terrain. These constant variations make the jobs of Military personnel significantly more challenging, especially during the dusk and evening hours of flight patrol.

Our night vision goggle solutions for Military personnel have been adapted to accommodate the austere conditions and are customizable and adaptable for the special needs of Military Operations. All NVG equipment, training and maintenance programs are in compliance with Civil and Military requirements and mandates.


Military Helicopter

Proud to Serve:

United States Coast Guard
United States Army
United States Air Force
Transport Canada
Federal Aviation Administration

Those personnel involved in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security are tasked with creating a more secure America, from within our boundaries and abroad, that are resilient against terrorism and other potential internal threats.

Our solutions programs for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security personnel allow officers to perform their jobs more effectively. Through specially crafted NVG equipment and training programs, the Night Flight Concepts equipment, training and maintenance solutions provide the protection and vision advantage required by those in the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security fields.


Law Enforcement Helicopter

Proud to Serve:

Broward County Police
Calgary Police
California Highway Patrol
Houston Police Department
Massachusetts State Police
New York Police Department
Palm Beach County Sherif
St Louis County Police


Response to persons in distress has long been an honorable tradition. Today, professionals who carry on the tradition are highly trained personnel requiring highly refined knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) of not only how to properly perform mission tasks, but also how to handle highly advanced equipment often used in these EMS and SAR missions.

Our primary goal in developing solutions for EMS and SAR teams is to create programs centered around night vision equipment that aid in the implementation of total, integrated emergency response, rescue and recovery efforts, systems and programs.

Our NVG solutions for Emergency Medical Service and Search & Rescue have been adapted to meet the needs and challenges faced by personnel out in the field and comply with all regulations as outlined and mandated by appropriate regulatory authorities.


Aerial Firefighting

Aerial firefighting has a long military and civilian history for both land and aquatic firefighting. The extreme conditions these personnel find themselves in require specially design equipment to not only protect, but to also aid pilots during hazardous conditions.

Our primary goal in developing solutions for Aerial Firefighting teams is to create programs which incorporate night vision equipment for both land and aquatic firefighting missions which will support and improve the conditions found in night missions and excessive smoky conditions.

Our NVG solutions for Aerial Firefighting have been adapted to meet the needs and challenges faced by personnel during firefighting missions and comply with all regulations as outlined and mandated by the appropriate regulatory authorities.


SAR Helicopter

Proud to Serve:

Estado De Mexico
Hermann Life Flight
Orange County

Night Flight Concepts has created a solution dedicated to the specific training, equipment and maintenance needs of civil aviation. All equipment meets FAA requirements and regulations for civil aviation.

We support these commercial and private operators:

  • Flight Schools
  • Corporate/VIP/Offshore Transport
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  • Aerial Application (Agricultural)


Commercial Helicopter

Proud to Serve:

Cougar Helicopters
Embry Riddle
LEWA Wildlife Conservancy
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
PHI Air Medical