The Night Vision Authority

We are a recognized authority in night vision for airborne units in the military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, first responders, search and rescue, and commercial operations since 2006.

To achieve enhanced safety and operational capabilities of all aviation organizations. That’s the mission which we have chosen to build our company upon.

Night Flights Concepts is started by former Army aviation operators who saw, experienced, and overcame the challenges of night flight operations. This gives us the unique advantage of having first-hand and in-depth knowledge and understanding of how night vision technology can be effectively applied to many different kinds of applications.

Our unparalleled NVG solutions include:

  • Preparing aircraft for night vision modifications
  • Providing initial and recurrent NVG pilot training
  • Developing risk management programs and standard operating procedures for operating night vision goggles
  • Ensuring the effectivity and airworthiness of night vision goggles through Federal Aviation Administration-mandated inspection, repair, and maintenance services

Our night vision solutions, products, and services stem from the expertise and experience our leadership team has gathered during their years in the Army aviation field.

With Night Flight Concepts, you can trust on our professional experience to provide you and your organization the right NVG solution that matches your needs.

Why Choose Night Flight Concepts?

Enhanced Aircraft Operator Safety & Health

When you work with us, you can enhance the safety of your aircraft operators during flight with industry-leading night vision equipment and the highest-caliber NVG training and maintenance services.

Improved Return On Investment

When you work with us, reduce the costs associated with improper NVG usage, equipment breakage, and failure, including lost missions, downtime, and personnel and equipment loss.

Initiating night vision capabilities allow operators to expand their existing services to include night flight operations that will optimize your revenues.

Increased Preparedness

When you work with us, you can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your aircraft operators while reducing operator errors with our proven, cutting-edge NVG training products, content, and techniques.

Superb Customer Support

The cornerstone of our business is to provide aviation organizations worldwide with real-world and accurate night vision information, professional guidance, and expert advice.

Our customer service and support team is available to discuss your needs, and we encourage you to reach us with any questions or concerns.


Adam Aldous - President

David Luke - Vice President