Enhanced Law Enforcement Aviation Performance

Being a police aviation officer is a highly sought-after position. Extensive training and significant professional achievements are required to succeed in this role.

Furthermore, additional training from a Federal Aviation Administration-approved flight school for aviation NVG’s is one of the industry best practices police aviation officers must follow.

At Night Flight Concepts, we’re a team of former Army aviators with years of experience, committed to bringing our expertise to help our brothers and sisters in blue do their duty.

Watch Your Six with NVG Technology

Utilizing the technology available to law enforcement is a vital step to accomplishing missions safely and effectively. Any technological advancement that the police force can leverage to watch their six is an essential tool.

We have all the necessary tools and equipment to train officers in operating aviation NVG’s during aerial missions.

Aviation NVG: A Valuable Tool for Officers

On top of being both a licensed pilot and police officer, airborne police forces rely on night vision goggles – not just for overall aviation safety, but also to maintain a tactical advantage, enhance missions, and mitigate risks.

Trusted Provider of Aviation Night Vision Goggles for Law Enforcement

We have been a leading provider of night vision program support for law enforcement agencies in the US and across the globe.

Night Vision Applications for Law Enforcement

We understand the responsibility that law enforcement and homeland security personnel hold when it comes to facing threats – both domestic and foreign. Thus, we aim to provide the visual perception and acuity they require during night operations.

Whether it’s law enforcement aerial surveillance, deploying and transporting special operations units like counter-terrorism or SWAT, pursuing fugitives, or maintaining awareness of the surrounding air space, law enforcement aviation responsibilities are vital.

Night Vision Google Pilot, Crew Member, and Maintenance Training for Law Enforcement

To get the most out of aviation NVG's, your agency must invest in proper initial and recurrent training.

Our training programs are designed and developed by former experienced former army operatives. They are expertly capable of training law enforcement officers on how to safely and effectively operate aviation NVG's.

FAA-Approved NVG Flight Training

Night Flight Concepts offer aviation NVG training courses for Initial Qualification, Recurrent-training, and Instructor Pilot Certification.

We are proud to serve law enforcement agencies across the country by providing the best NVG solutions. This technology offers the protection and advantage our officers need during aerial missions.
Our aviation NVG solutions – including training, inspection, service, and maintenance – are exceptionally crafted for law enforcement and security application so officers can confidently conduct operations.

Aviation NVG Inspection and Maintenance Repair Services for Law Enforcement

We Are an FAA Part 145 NVG Certified Repair Station

We have the authority to issue an FAA Form 8130 Airworthiness Approval Tag with FAA-approved process specifications.

We also have capability and authorization to inspect all components of aviation NVG’s and replace them if needed.

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