Do you have an older version of aviation night vision goggles? Are you looking to upgrade to a newer generation? No matter what your aviation role is, take your night operations to the next level with advanced Generation 3 NVG solutions from Night Flight Concepts.

Industry-Leading Aviation NVG’s

We are proud to carry industry-leading and high-performance aviation night vision goggles from trusted manufacturers.

When it comes to technology and efficiency, our innovative aviation NVGs are unmatched. Engineered to upgrade aviation flight at night, we offer only the best aviation night vision goggles at Night Flight Concepts.

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Gen 3 Image Intensification Technology

Enhanced vision during night flight is critical. Whether it’s for the military, law enforcement, EMS, first responders, or agricultural applications, night vision is vital to ensure the success of aerial missions.

The Gen 3 NVG’s Image Intensification Technology is the revolutionary breakthrough in night vision generations. Gen 3 night vision devices are developed with gallium arsenide photocathode, a component that significantly improves system resolution and light amplification – which means obtaining sharper and brighter visuals.

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Gen 3 NVG Pinnacle® Tube Development

The Apex in Gen 3 Advancement

Developed by ITT, night vision units equipped with Pinnacle® image tubes are regarded as the highest-performing night vision devices entering the US Army inventory.

Featuring a 10,000-hour active tube life, up to 22 percent higher photo response rate, a 24 percent signal-to-noise ratio, minimized halo effects, and a 20 percent greater range in night vision, Gen 3 Pinnacle® is the most advanced NVG solution today.

The Gen 3 Advantage

Greater photocathode response. Improved recognition range. An increased tactical advantage for the operator. Up to 10,000 and more hours of use. Exceptional reliability. Better value. Currently, Gen 3 NVG’s are the best in the aviation night vision field.

The image brightness of Gen3 NVGs are better than those of earlier versions. They give pilots a clearer and more detailed view, so they can see items, terrain, and other planes with more accuracy.

Older NVGs sometimes had a problem called the "halo effect," which happened when bright light sources made a halo or glare in the user's field of perspective. The optics and image intensifier tubes in Gen3 NVGs have been updated to reduce or get rid of this halo effect, giving a clearer more realistic view of the surroundings.

Gen3 NVGs often have better ways to handle power, which means their batteries last longer. In aviation applications, where pilots may need extended durations of night vision the capacity without often changing or recharging battery pack, this is very advantageous.

Gen3 aviation NVGs usually have a bigger field of view, enabling pilots to be more aware of their surroundings. This bigger field of view lets them keep an eye on a larger area, look for possible dangers, and keep a better sense of where they are at night.

At Night Flight Concepts, we work with industry experts and the U.S. Government in ensuring that aviation operators have the tactical advantage they need with the night vision device they are using. Call us to learn more about Gen 3 NVG’s.

Cockpit and Aircraft NVIS Modifications 

To fully optimize the benefits and effectiveness of aviation NVG’s, Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)-ready cockpit and aircraft are necessary. At Night Flight Concepts, we have the experience and capabilities needed to set your cockpit and aircraft and get them ready for night vision technology.

We have the expertise, technology, and knowledge needed to perform NVIS aircraft modifications. We guarantee that our NVG aircraft modifications conform to the appropriate standards and specifications you set.

No matter what application you need night vision solutions for, our experience in military aviation operations gives us a unique advantage in helping you.

Expert Guidance

We provide the professional guidance you need to ensure your NVIS operations are fully optimized. From choosing the right NVG’s compatible with the lighting system in your aircraft to establishing the airworthiness of your device, your flight crew can trust on our assistance.

We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to get the premiere night vision solutions your organization needs. Call us at (866) 716-8527 to get started.

Cockpit NVIS Upgrades

The lighting in the cockpit is changed to work with NVGs. This means replacing or updating current lighting systems with filters that work with NVIS or replacing light sources with lighting that works well with NVIS, like LED lighting that works with NVIS. The changed lighting gives off colors that can be seen through NVGs without making too much glare or blooming.

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Get Maximum Aviation NVG Performance

When it comes to getting the most out of Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), advice from an expert is very important. Even though Gen 3 NVGs are a big step forward in low-light vision technology, you need special training and experience to get the most out of them..

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We supply top-of-the-line aviation NVG’s from trusted manufacturers, facilitate Federal Aviation Administration-approved NVG training from experienced Army aviation operators, and provide technical support and professional inspection and maintenance services.

It’s our commitment to maximize customer benefits by being the premier provider of NVG solutions around the globe. For more information about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.