To emergency medical service providers and first responders, every second counts. During challenging and dangerous night operations, night vision technology has significantly advanced the way emergency medical services providers carry out their missions.

Aviation night vision goggles are used in increasing numbers to help EMS teams provide critical care, respond to persons in distress, and transport severely injured patients safely and effectively.

At Night Flight Concepts, we ensure that EMS crews and equipped to safely and efficiently flight at night in limited visibility conditions.

Highly Specialized Emergency Crew

The primary objective of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) is to bring a highly specialized emergency crew to the incident site for time-critical triage, treatment, or transportation of patients for definitive care.

When the incident site is difficult to access due to low or zero visibility, accessing it by air may be the only viable entry point for the response team and patients. EMS crews require refined knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) to perform mission tasks properly. They also need to know how to handle advanced equipment such as aviation night vision goggles correctly.

Reliable Aviation NVG’s for Emergency Response

At Night Flight Concepts, we recognize the demanding role of EMS professionals – especially during night flight or low-light flying conditions.

Our primary goal in developing solutions for EMS teams is to create programs centered around night vision equipment. These revolutionary devices are developed in the implementation of total, integrated emergency response systems and applications.

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Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles for EMS Aviation

Generation 3 aviation NVG's have lower image distortion, more excellent image quality, improved photosensitivity, and overall higher function and reliability. At Night Flight Concepts, we’ve been a trusted provider of Aviator Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS) specifically designed for aviation.

ANVIS 9, also classified as AN/AVS 9, is the standard Gen 3 NVG used by military and aviation emergency response personnel. We have the highest quality Harris F4949 (formerly ITT NVG) and L3 EOS M949 NVG (formerly Litton/Northrop Grumman).

These devices have proven to assist our EMS clients around the world. From selecting the type of aviation NVG for your application to initial and recurrent training, inspection, and maintenance, our team is ready to help.

Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Pilot, Crew Member, and Maintenance Training for Emergency Medical Services

Bringing Unparalleled Aviation NVG Training and Education to EMS Teams Worldwide

No matter what application you use aviation NVG’s for, they’re more effective when you’re properly trained to use them. As a FAA-Approved training provider, we are certified to offer NVG Flight Training for the Initial Qualification, Recurrent-training, and Instructor Pilot Certification.

With our EMS Aviation training courses, we aim to provide invaluable knowledge in operating these innovative devices to help first responders out in the field.

To learn more about our training curriculum, please call our office at (866) 812-6184 or complete our contact form. We conduct training at our facility in Waco, Texas, or by request to your own aviation site anywhere in the world.

Proficient EMS Aviation NVG Inspection and Maintenance Repair Services

Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration

Night Flight Concepts is an FAA Part 145 NVG Certified Repair Station. We are authorized to issue the FAA Form 8130 Airworthiness Approval Tag under process specifications approved by the FAA.

Our experienced technicians are also capable to examine, take apart, and replace every component of aviation NVG’s – making sure the device is ready for optimal performance.

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Thorough and Comprehensive 180-Day Inspection

We use the revolutionary aviation NVG inspection equipment and methods to ensure a comprehensive inspection of aviation NVG’s. If your NVG is due for its 180-day inspection, you can send the device to our facility, along with a completed shipping form, and we’ll handle it.

Once your NVG pass our inspection, we will send it back to you with the complete test data sheet result, maintenance logbook, and the airworthiness compliance certificate.

Gen 3 Aviation Night Vision Goggle Upgrades for EMS

More and more law enforcement and EMS helicopters are using NVG systems. And we at Night Flight Concepts aim to be the premier aviation NVG solution provider across the globe.

We carry the industry leading Gen 3 Pinnacle. This evolution of ANVIS 9 NVG is equipped with Image Intensifier tubes crafted to deliver outstanding performance, particularly in light-polluted environments.

For more Gen 3 aviation NVG upgrades that match your EMS-related needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (866) 812-6184.

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