Aerial firefighters have an important mission: to utilize the aircraft while combatting fires and supporting firefighters at the fire front on the ground. Fire emergencies can happen at any time. At night, firefighting operations can get especially challenging.

At Night Flight Concepts, we recognize the extreme and hazardous conditions our aerial firefighters face. Our primary goal is to incorporate innovative night vision solutions into aerial firefighting to ensure safe and efficient missions.

Effective and Sustainable Aerial Firefighting Capabilities with NVG’s

Aviation NVG’s are an aerial firefighting technology that significantly improves firefighting during nighttime, low-light, or extremely smoky conditions. Wildfires can run as hard in the night hours as in the daytime.

With night vision technology, aerial firefighters no longer have to halt operations and wait for daylight to perform their mission safely. These state-of-the-art night vision devices help aerial firefighters suppress fire to prevent it from further threatening communities.

Night Vision Goggles: A Game Changer in Aerial Firefighting

Aerial firefighting - both land and aquatic – has a long military and civilian history. Since aerial firefighters respond to life-threatening and critical incidents, they require specialized tools and equipment to not only protect but also aid their fellow first responders during hazardous conditions.

Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles for Fire Fighting and Detection

Fire departments across the country that utilize NVG’s use those under Generation 3. Also called ANVIS 9 night vision goggles and classified as AN/AVS 9. From the L3 EOS M949 night vision goggles (formerly Litton/Northrop Grumman) to the Harris F4949 (formerly ITT night vision goggles) we offer top-of-the-line ANVIS-9 NVG’s.

To know the right aviation NVG configurations that will meet the demands of your aerial firefighting missions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our helpful representatives are available to help you.

Efficient Aerial Fire Detection with NVG’s

Spotting a fire in land or water can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, aerial fire detection with night vision goggles has allowed firefighting teams to locate and contain fires before it gets out of control.

Aerial fire detection team using NVG’s during nighttime operations allows for easier and more sensitive discovery of small fires – small fires that would otherwise be harder to detect during the day.

Our aerial firefighting programs focus on detecting and reliably identifying potential fires at night using NVG’s and acting accordingly to contain it.

NVG For Aerial Firefighting Operations

From fire detection to combating wildland flames, the use of aviation NVG has revolutionized aerial firefighting missions.

Aerial firefighters using NVG’s can locate hot spots that the naked eye couldn’t.

Gen 3 Aerial Firefighting Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Upgrades

More familiarity and understanding of night vision technology meant more evolution for Generation 3 NVG’s. Currently, the top-of-the-line Gen 3 Pinnacle, which is the next breakthrough for the ANVIS 9.

From a higher photoresponse rate, improved signal-to-noise ratio, to an overall more excellent range of vision at night, the Gen 3 Pinnacle is regarded as the highest-performing NVG’s to enter the market.

For Gen 3 NVG technical support, training, repair, inspection, and maintenance, Night Flight Concepts is your go-to NVG solution provider.


First-Rate NVG Training for Aerial Firefighting

Meticulous Inspection and Maintenance of Aviation NVG’s

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