Since 2006, Night Flight Concepts has been a pioneer provider of helicopter and aviation night vision technologies and education. We specialize in Federal Aviation Administration-approved NVG training, repair, maintenance, and support solutions.

Groundbreaking Aviation & Helicopter NVG Gen 3 Technology

Part of our innovative aviation night vision goggles line is the NVG Gen 3 technology. The exceptional quality of Gen 3 night vision goggles is what military and law enforcement utilize in aviation operations.

ANVIS 9 Night Vision Goggles

NVG ANVIS 9 goggles are the go-to night vision system for the United States Navy and Air Force flight crews for both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. ANVIS-9 systems are also the standard in over 30 nations around the globe. Night Flight Concepts offers high-performance ANVIS 9 night vision goggles.

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If you're looking for the AN/AVS-9 (Army, Navy, Airborne Vision System) model of aviation NVGs, we have several configurations available.

These configurations allow smooth and safe flight operations, even in meager light conditions. For more information about determining the right setting for your requirements and application or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Best NVG Generation

For the best and latest NVG generation, we highly recommend the Generation 3 NVG. If you want to obtain more information on aviation night vision optics, whether it’s Generation 2 or 3, please call us or complete our online form. One of our product specialists is available to help.

Trusted Gen 3 Aviation NVG Solutions Provider

Night Flight Concepts is a trusted NVG solutions provider worldwide. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and services. If you have any questions about our offered NVG solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Is there a Generation 4?

Gen 4 is believed by some to be the latest aviation NVG generation, but that is not the case. Generation 4 NVG was built for military use but later rescinded for not meeting the requirements. The military was in search of a next generation image intensifier that was filmless (removing the ion barrier). In doing so, NVG manufacturers were challenged by maintaining the tube life requirements the military needs.

Night Vision Imaging System Advances

Aside from offering a complete range of night vision goggles for pilots, Night Flight Concepts is also proud to provide green phosphor and white phosphor night vision goggles.

Improve Your Night Operations with Superior View Clarity

Advance your vision-enhancing abilities with our Gen 3 aviation night vision goggles. The most remarkable military-grade Gen 3 night vision aviation solutions are available at Night Flight Concepts.

We’ve been providing Generation 3 night vision to help helicopter and fixed wing airvcraft from military, law enforcement, and emergency medical sectors around the world in their night flight missions

Gen 3 Aviation Green Phosphor Night Vision Goggles

Green-phosphor NVG’s give off the standard black and green appearance you would typically associate with night vision imaging.

Aviation NVG White Phosphor

Improved Gen 3 Night Vision White-Phosphor Technology

Our night vision products come with Gen 3 Aviation white phosphor image intensifiers. Compared to green phosphor NVGs, white-phosphor NVGs offer black-and-white imagery. This feature gives the user a more enhanced visual performance and acuity in low light level conditions.

Night Vision Goggles for Aviation Operators

Night Vision Goggles for Flying Helicopters and Other Aircraft

Pilots – whether it’s for helicopters or other types of aircraft – count on visual material during operations. The pilot’s visual system is the most vital source of information during flight.

Good, unobstructed visibility is required for navigation, acquisition, obstacle circumvention, and target detection. Night or low-light missions pose a challenge to helicopter and airplane pilots.

Fortunately, today’s military technology has paved the way for night vision goggles for pilots. Night Flight Concepts is a Federal Aviation Administration-approved flight training provider.

We offer NVG training for Initial Qualification, Recurrent-training, and Instructor Pilot Certification out of our headquarters in Waco, Texas. We can also bring our world-class training to your facilities. For more information, please call us at  (866) 812-6184.

Acute Vision During Flight for Aviation Professionals

Aviation Night Vision Goggles for Flight Operations

The use of night vision goggles for pilots aids in achieving acute visual perception and better image acuity during night flight operations (or other periods with diminished visibility). At Night Flight Concepts, we understand that night vision for pilots is imperative in the success of the mission.

We make it our mission to provide the best aviation night vision solutions. From aviation NVG goggles to NVG training, to inspection, repair, and maintenance – if you have any aviation NVG-related concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

US Army Omnibus: Military Aviation Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles

The US Army Omnibus contract is what drive NVG manufacturers to make new image intensifiers and military-grade NVG upgrades. Each Omnibus has a minimum night vision goggles military spec manufacturers must meet.

Omnibus continues to dictate the advancement in image intensifier technology since the first Omnibus contract in 1985. As for ANVIS military aviation night vision goggles, Omnibus VII and VIII have the latest requirements.

Complete Immersion with Helmet-Mounted Night Vision Goggles

With helmet-mounted aviation NVG’s, you get full immersion and unsurpassed visibility while keeping your hands free.

A helmet-mounted device is mainly composed of the helmet and goggles. Also, depending on the generation the device is from – whether it’s Generation 1, 2, or 3 – there are a variety of options and solutions you can use.

Later generations of NVG’s have lower power consumption and better light amplification. This means that the latest generation NVG provide the best image quality with the lowest power consumption.

 If you want to know more about helmet-mounted aviation night vision devices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our expert team can recommend the best option to match your needs.


At Night Flight Concepts, providing the most revolutionary aviation NVG is our commitment. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about helicopter and aviation NVG and how you can benefit from them.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of these cutting-edge devices. The development and advancement of night vision devices have always been military driven. We all know the advantages of being able to maneuver effectively under cover of darkness.