Night vision innovations have paved the way for enhanced and safe night flight operations.  Elite Aviation Operators can now fully realize the benefits of night vision goggle in aviation missions with proper training and education from a Federal Aviation Administration-accredited NVG flight training provider

We Are a 14 CFR Part 141 FAA-Approved Training Provider

Night Flight Concepts is an FAA-accredited 14 CFR Part 141 Flight School certified to conduct NVG Flight Training for Initial Qualification, Recurrent-training and Instructor Pilot Certification. We offer comprehensive night vision goggle flight training courses designed for you to use these devices safely and effectively in challenging flight mission profiles.

NVG Course Offerings

Whether you have a new or pre-existing aviation program, our courses are customizable to fit your aviation role, needs, and goals – while still following the guidelines and standards set forth by the FAA.

All our courses cover the most up-to-date technology, information, techniques, and procedures in the NVG flight training industry. After completing our course, you’re guaranteed to safely, efficiently, and confidently fly at night or in low-light conditions. Currently, we offer Bell helicopter NVG training in a Bell B-206B3 out of our facilities in Waco, Texas. For more information about course prerequisites or if you have any other questions, you may reach us at (866) 405-9456.

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We Bring Training To You

Over 500 Aircraft Pilots and Crew Members Trained

Unmatched Aviation NVG Training. Global Reach.

Whether it’s in our state-of-the-art training facility in Waco, Texas or your own local or international training facility, we can bring our world-class, in-demand aviation NVG training to you. To learn more, please call our office at (866) 405-9456 or complete our contact form.

Supervised Ground and In-Flight Training

Aviation night vision goggles function best in capable hands. To truly utilize these devices, extensive ground, virtual, classroom, and in-flight training are necessary.
At Night Flight Concepts, we have beginner, recurrent, and instructor training programs – all structured to achieve and maintain proficiency in the operational use of NVG during flight.

Experienced and Competent Instructors

Our instructors have decades of aviation NVG experience and are capable of using NVG’s in different types of environments – an invaluable advantage when you’re seeking an NVG flight training provider.

Our academic curriculum is developed to achieve efficient, effective, and safe night flight operations. We also aim to raise education and awareness with the proper use of night vision goggles to prevent costly accidents or losses and heighten situational awareness during night flight operations.

Aviation NVG Is Our Specialty

Aviation night vision technology is our specialty. We are passionate about achieving exceptional results, so we are focused on crafting and continuously improving our programs. We aim to offer excellent aviation NVG skills throughour training programs, so our students can confidently use night vision devices in whatever application they require.

Introducing FAA-Approved NVIO™ Night Vision Goggles Computer-Based Training (NVG CBT)

In-Depth Aviation NVG Maintenance Training

Are you a Helicopter Pilot?

Are You an Airplane Pilot?

Are You a Flight Engineer?

Are You a Maintenance Technician?

Learn More About Our Outstanding NVG Flight Training Programs

We offer beginner, recurrent, and instructor course for all our aircraft night vision training programs. For more information about our enrollment prerequisites and completion requirements, please call us at (866) 405-9456 or complete our contact form. One of our helpful representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Highest Level Quality of Aviation NVG Flight Training

At Night Flight Concepts, we aim to prepare aircraft pilots and other crew members for nighttime flying. All our training programs meet the requirements of the NVG industry worldwide.
With our informative night vision classes and night vision goggle flight training, aircraft pilots and crewmembers can confidently take control during night flight.

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