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Have you had your night vision goggles for more than five years? For optimum night vision performance, it’s time to upgrade to the latest technology available.

The Night Flight Concepts NVG Upgrade Program is a fantastic way to take your existing NVGs and upgrade the image intensifier tubes to the latest and most state-of-the-art technology.

With our Upgrade Program, you can replace the IIT in your current NVGs with the newest Gen 3 Pinnacle tubes, available in White (P45) or Green Phosphor (P43) configurations. All NVGs that go through our NVG Upgrade Program are protected with a two-year warranty from Night Flight Concepts.

Responding to budget-minded operator requests, you can save on the cost of a new night vision device by upgrading your existing NVGs.

Let us help you experience all the benefits of a brand new AN/AVS-9. This includes enhanced low-light performance and extended detection ranges in little-to-no light environments. You can also achieve exceptional image resolution and longer image tube life supported by advanced engineering.

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