F4949 Goggles

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AN/AVS-9 Goggles

The F4949 Series (AN/AVS-9) goggles have enabled pilots to perform critical missions even in the darkest of nights. If you’re looking for an incredible piece of military-grade aviation night vision system built with the groundbreaking performance of Gen 3 technology, choose the F4949 (AN/AVS-9) goggles.

Night Flight Concepts is a proud distributor of the AN/AVS-9 goggles. With our decades of experience and expertise in aviation night vision technology, education, training, sales, inspection, and repair, you can trust us to provide you with the best night vision systems most suited to fit your needs.

With every transaction, we ensure that the operator or pilot has a comprehensive understanding of the flight environment and the NVG system and image quality.

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ANVIS-9 Goggles

Trusted by the military, law enforcement, emergency medical service, search and rescue, aerial firefighting crews, and even commercial aviation operators across the globe, the ANVIS-9 goggles are an elite line of night vision systems.

Also known as the F4949 Series (AN/AVS-9) aviation night vision goggles, these cutting-edge systems are the standard night vision technology used by aircrews around the world.

At Night Flight Concepts, we have the qualification and authority to sell this state-of-the-art piece of night vision innovation. As a trusted international provider of aviation night vision solutions, our services don’t merely stop at the sale of night vision devices.

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F4949 Goggles

At Night Flight Concepts, our mission is to provide all pilots and flight operators the best in night vision solutions. Thus, we are proud to offer the F4949 Series (AN/AVS-9) aviation night vision goggles.

Installed with the innovative Gen 3 auto-gated Pinnacle® image intensifier tubes, the F4949 goggles combine that feature with state-of-the-art aviation-grade optics for peak performance during critical and sensitive night flying operations. We are proud to offer an unbeatable five-year warranty* on newly purchased aviation NVG systems.

Our over 50 years of combined military aviation experience in various types of environments makes us the authority in providing the best night vision solutions. We know what it’s like up there. We know the inherent risks. 

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M949 Goggles

Night vision goggles are described using an array of terms and classifications. However, both the M949 goggles and ANVIS-9 F4949 systems are manufactured to the same specific and meticulous military specifications. The M949 and F4949 goggles are based on the military classification AN/AVS-9 (ANVIS-9).

As a trusted global provider of aviation night vision solutions, we proudly offer the state-of-the-art ANVIS-9 F4949 goggles, which fully meet all the specifications and conditions of DO-275 (Minimum Operational Performance Standards for integrated night vision imaging system equipment). All new NVG purchases also come with an unbeatable five-year warranty*.

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