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Night Flight Concepts (“NFC”) is the recognized authority in night vision for airborne units in law enforcement, military, first responders and commercial operations.
NFC’s comprehensive suite of night vision goggle solutions is trusted by the most recognized names in helicopter manufacturing and relied upon by over 300 satisfied customers, world-wide and growing, since 2006.


NVG Training

NVG Training

A comprehensive NVG training program will result in greater operational performance, reduced costs and greater safety. NFC offers a range of computer-based, self-paced training and instructor lead courses for initial or recurrent training.

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NVG Maintenance

NVG Maintenance Services

NFC owns and operates a FAA approved Part 145 NVG Repair Station which gives them the authority to conduct and certify the air worthiness of the NVG equipment.

NFC services a wide range ITT, Litton of Northrup Grumman, L3, NIVISYS, and US Army USAF / Navy NVG models. Services include inspections, standard repairs, standard updates and warranty services.


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Laser Armor™

The threat of laser strikes in cockpits is real and escalating. The Laser Armor line of products provides protection for aircrew whether performing daytime or night time operations.

Through the Laser Armor™ product line, NFC provides a collection of eyewear and night visions goggle lens filters to combat laser strikes.


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Night Vision Goggles

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Helping you select the best products for your situation

Equipment planning, vendor selection, product acquisition, export compliance, and equipment support are all considerations when acquiring the necessary tools required for a comprehensive NVIS program.

Night Flight Concepts assists clients obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) to effectively plan and support their night vision imaging system (NVIS) program needs.


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