What Does an NVG Inspection Include?

NVG inspection is an important aspect of owning and operating aviation NVGs.

The use of aviation night vision technology entails making sure your device meets the strict requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To obtain the NVG inspection certification, it’s imperative that you send your device to an FAA Part 145 NVG Certified Repair Station.

An FAA-certified repair station means that the inspection facility rightfully completed the maintenance and inspection programs implemented and approved by the FAA.

An FAA-certified NVG inspection facility is also authorized to issue the Airworthiness Approval tags. When you are looking for an NVG inspection station, make sure they can issue all the appropriate Airworthiness Approval tags.

The Need for an NVG Inspection

Technological devices generally rely on routine inspections and maintenance to ensure their usability. When it comes to aviation night vision goggles, these devices are mandated to undergo regular inspections, repairs, and other maintenance services to ensure their functionalities and general airworthiness.

180-Day NVG Inspection

NVG manufacturers, as governed by the FAA, have agreed and recommended that all night vision devices be inspected appropriately every 180 days.

Turn to an NVG inspection facility accredited by the FAA.

Aside from the inspection of the actual device, there are also required inspection processes for specific aircraft (where night vision goggles are operated) every 180 days, as stipulated under the NVG Cockpit Supplemental Type Certificates (STC).

Unfortunately, a significant number of organizations using various types of night vision devices don’t have the capacity or resources to get the NVG inspection and maintenance services they need.

Most have restricted capacity, if any at all, to inspection equipment and parts. For many NVG operators, limited resources equate to a more restricted ability to buy the appropriate test equipment to fulfill the NVG inspection requirements.

In other cases, some organizations simply don’t have the means to retain in-house personnel authorized and experienced to perform the regular inspections, repair, and maintenance services for the night vision devices.

As a result, the night vision devices are left to operate below the requirement performance and safety levels because of a lack of resources and ignorance of upgraded options for improving functions and features.

There’s a Solution

As we mentioned above, there are inspection and repair facilities you can send your devices to. These inspection and repair stations offer a range of maintenance services depending on your needs.

NVG Inspection from an FAA-Approved Facility

At Night Flight Concepts, we conduct an exhaustive inspection procedure performed by our in-house certified and experienced technicians. We utilize calibrated testing equipment and the latest in inspection procedures as approved by the FAA.

We can also issue the FAA Form 8130 Airworthiness Approval Tag, with the use of FAA-accepted process regulations. The FAA Form 8130 Approval tag ensures that your device is getting more than the required manufacturers’ specifications.

After we conduct our FAA-certified inspection procedures, your night vision goggles will be returned within 72 hours. We will also be sending the airworthiness compliance certificate, test datasheet, and a maintenance logbook. Upon the fourth inspection, we will create an NVG trend analysis to be provided to you.

Repair, Maintenance, and Upgrades

As for upgrade options for your existing aviation night vision goggles, the upgraded items include but aren’t limited to image intensifiers, fine focus objective assemblies, and optics.

The technology surrounding night vision continues to evolve. While this occurrence may add a level of complexity and strain for organizations in terms of their investment to night vision tech, it still allows them to explore the many benefits of night vision.

The important thing is to trust experienced night vision device professionals, so your organization can acquire cost-effective and efficient night vision solutions.

Make Sure You’re Following NVG Inspection Requirements

When it comes to night vision devices, maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring readiness and overall functionality.

As an aviation NVG operator, it’s your responsibility to have an effective strategy for the maintenance of your device.

Availing a maintenance and inspection services for your night vision goggles extends your device’s life, therefore increasing your return on investment.

Proper maintenance practices also prevent unwarranted safety and mission risks linked to improper performance or equipment disrepair. On top of that, when you have a properly maintained device, you can eliminate the possibilities of operations failure or downtime due to a faulty device.

For more information about Night Flight Concepts NVG inspection, maintenance, and repair services, please reach out to us.